“My business – a new life for the recycled/organic/natural products”

On 23rd May the students and teachers from  our project’s partner countries held a virtual mobility to have a business plan competition entitled “My business – a new life for the recycled/organic/natural products.” The general aim was to develop students’ entrepreneurial skills. The students created a business plan for a company of recycled/bio/natural products capitalizing on the existing opportunities in their local communities. They also created an advertisement of their product/s they wanted to promote.

The business plan had to contain: 

  • general presentation of the business idea ( company’s name, motto, logo)
  • Human Resources involved in the business
  • promotion of the company and the product/s
  • distribution channel – marketing
  • the target group
  • calculation of the necessary budget

During the online meeting the groups of students presented their business plans and advertisements. The jury made of the teachers (one from each partner school) later evaluated the business plans, adverts and the presentations themselves.

The results are as follows:

1st prize: The Green company (571p) – The Tarnow team

2nd prize: Bee here (555p) – the Vaslui (Romania) team

3rd prize: Rebloom (535p) – the Bursa (Turkey) team

Popularity award (the students voted): the Bursa (Turkey) team

The students had a great opportunity to deal with some business in practice, develop their entrepreneurial skills and worked creatively in groups and enjoyed the opportunity to meet their friends in our Project team☺